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What is Fedi?

How do I set up and use Fedi?

What is a Federated OS?

What is a Federation?

When does Fedi launch?

What is the difference between Fedimint and Fedi?

Who is Fedi for?

What is federated custody technology, and how does it secure my bitcoin?

What’s wrong with holding bitcoin on third-party options?

What’s wrong with “self-custodying bitcoin”?

How does a typical fedimint instance work?

Who is a guardian?

What can go wrong as a guardian?

Can I choose my own guardians, or can I become a guardian?

How does Fedi handle disputes or issues with the guardians?

How do I recover my funds and data if I lose access to Fedi?

What is multisig custody, and why does Fedi use it?

How does Fedi ensure the security and integrity of my resources?

Can I use Fedi with other cryptocurrencies, or is it exclusive to bitcoin?

Why Bitcoin? What about other cryptocurrencies?

Is Fedi available in my country, and is it compatible with my local currency?

Can I use Fedi on multiple devices, and how do I ensure my wallet stays synced?

How do I update my Fedi wallet, and what happens if I don't?

What kind of support is available if I encounter issues with Fedi?

What problem(s) does Fedi solve?

What is Fedimint?

There are other platforms and products built on similar decentralised intentions. A lot of those have failed. What makes Fedi different?

What are the limits to the Federation's size? How big can they be?