September 7, 2023

Why Bitcoin is the Currency for AI

Ark Invest

Key Points From This Episode:

  • 00:00:00 Intro to the Bitcoin Brainstorm with Yassine and Rod

  • 00:02:39 Introduction to this month’s guests

  • 00:04:10 Cathie Wood explains the impact and importance of the convergence between and among technologies

  • 00:12:32 Paul discusses how AI has revolutionized coding and computer engineering

  • 00:19:40 Kody applies the coding revolution to Bitcoin and explores how Bitcoin and AI are converging

  • 00:26:42 Cathie and Laolu discuss Lightning HTTP 402 Protocol (L402) and internet payment flow generally

  • 00:30:24 Frank and Paul explain that Bitcoin could be useful as money because it cuts out traditional intermediaries in payment processing and could decrease counter-party risk

  • 00:39:00 What are some of the use cases of micro-payments and how do they compare to larger payments like monthly subscriptions

  • 00:51:27 Kody explains why the first rendition of L402 used special cookies know as macarons

  • 00:53:16 Frank and Laolu discuss the constraints of ChatGPT and what the potential of AI agents can be outside the walls of a chat window, if given a budget and proper integration points

  • 01:01:30 Through the example of a web development project, Paul describes how Bitcoin and generative artificial intelligence are converging today

  • 01:06:55 What does the next generation of knowledge workers look like with micro-payments allowing for more efficient payment allocation?

  • 01:14:48 Closing thoughts and remarks on Bitcoin’s unique impact on artificial intelligence today