July 19th, 2022

Obi and Preston Pysh on the Fedimint Custody Protocol

Bitcoin Fundamentals

Preston Pysh talks with Obi Nwosu about a new protocol that provides decentralized custody on top of Bitcoin and the lightning network.



  • How Obi became familiar with Bitcoin.

  • What Obi learned from running a major exchange for 8 years.

  • Things people should look for when selecting an exchange.

  • How Obi became a board member with Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey.

  • What is the Fedimint Protocol?

  • What is a federation and how does it work?

  • What does a federation bring to custody – what is its importance?

  • How Obi envisions Fedimint protocol being used in the future.

  • How inventions in the 80’s are now finally being put into application 40 years later.

  • How Fedimint can be used on the base layer and L2.

  • What Obi is building on Fedimint.