July 2, 2023

Kody Low on Building Fedi, AI, L402s, and Enabling AI for All with Lightning Payments

The Kevin Rooke Show

Kody Low is the Head of Developer & Product Support at Fedi, and the organizer of the AI For All Hackathon happening throughout July.

In our conversation, Kevin Rooke and Kody explored the impact of AI on content, identity, and payments, we covered L402s and why Lightning payments are the best solution for AI companies, and we also discussed the work Kody and his team are doing at Fedi.

00:00 - Intro
02:26 - Kody Low Intro
08:17 - Kody’s Views on the AI Ecosystem
19:16 - Why Chargebacks Are Hurting AI Companies
25:37 - Why Aren’t AI Companies Using Lightning Yet?
37:20 - Understanding Fedi’s Second-Party Approach
52:24 - Who Is Competing With Fedi?
1:00:40 - What Is a Federated Operating System?
1:10:20 - The Importance of Lightning Payments for Bitcoin and AI
1:20:56 - The Lightning Round