May 12, 2023

Fedi is Connecting Communities with Freedom Technology


Fedi is on an ambitious mission to bring the power of bitcoin to the world by leveraging the open source Fedimint protocol to equip individuals with freedom technology. Obi Nwosu is Fedi's co-founder and CEO and was the founder of Coinfloor, the largest bitcoin exchange in the UK before he sold the company in 2021. In this rip Obi explains the differences between building a centralized custodian like Coinfloor and a federated custody product at Fedi, how bitcoin is the digital Hulk, and how bitcoin can empower billions of people around the world.


8:26 - Austin’s a nice place
12:32 - Comparing the beginnings of Coinfloor and Fedi
22:00 - Explaining Fedi
34:19 - Applications made possible by Fedi
40:59 - Fedi ambassadors
46:20 - The freedom made possible by Fedi
53:12 - Fedipools and off-grid mining
57:38 - The antifragile nature of Bitcoin
1:07:36 - Has the mission gotten more urgent?
1:13:53 - Wrapping up