July 19, 2023

Bitcoin Solves the AI Payments Problem


Kody Low is the Head of Developer and Product Support at Fedi and is on the cutting edge of the intersection of bitcoin, the lightning network, Fedimints, and AI. He joins the show to breakdown Fedimints and what they mean for scaling bitcoin, how lightning is really the IP layer of the "bitcoin stack", and why the lightning network is uniquely suited to solve the massive payments problem that the emerging AI industry is running into. If you want to learn how lighting is actually driving value by perfecting payments, this is the rip for you.

0:00 - Intro
1:08 - Marty Barbell Bender
2:47 - Kody’s background, every Bitcoiner a dev
9:37 - What layer is Fedi?
15:16 - Explaining Fedimint
21:20 - What do Fedimints fix about lightning?
26:01 - Expanding on federation
30:24 - Scaling Bitcoin for the world
34:34 - Federated operating system
45:01 - How it works for guardians
53:34 - Privacy
56:18 - Synth dollar trading
1:06:56 - AI/Lightning intersection
1:16:11 - L402 and M2M payments
1:31:31 - Lightning’s headstart on crypto
1:34:02 - Avoiding Bitcoin’s volatility with Fedi
1:36:40 - Bitcoin is the best money
1:44:48 - Pushing AI companies to Lightning
1:47:40 - Answer the call, freaks
1:51:03 - Privacy and GPU hosting
2:01:05 - Wrapping up