June 21, 2023

Bitcoin for Billions

Swan Signal

In this episode of Swan Signal, Sam sat down with Fedi Founder and CEO Obi Nwosu to discuss the recent regulatory crackdown on cryptocurrency exchanges, the innovation around collaborative custody, and why leveraging the power of community is how we will scale Bitcoin to one billion people.

00:00:00 “Swan Signal” Intro
00:01:21 Introducing Obi and His Journey Into Bitcoin
00:06:00 Difficulties in Starting a Bitcoin Exchange
00:09:07 Coin Floor Being Bitcoin Only, and SEC Charging Binance and Coinbase
00:14:49 Spreading Bitcoin Adoption with Fediment Protocol
00:22:04 What is Fedi?
00:27:24 Problems with the Centralized Web and Censorship
00:30:23 Game-Theory Behind Fedi
00:39:24 Privacy Solutions and Storing Your Coins
00:45:44 “The Power of Community”
00:49:30 Scaling on Bitcoin
00:55:48 Fedi-App: How to Get Connected
00:58:55 Final Thoughts and Where to Connect with Obi
00:59:49 “Swan Signal” Outro