October 9, 2023

A Conversation with Obi Nwosu

Bitcoin in Africa Show

The show is created and hosted by former regulator and Bitcoin Activist Charlene Fadirepo.

In this episode of the Bitcoin In Africa Show, Charlene shares a blast from the past which will be a real treat for both new and old Bitcoiners. We are featuring a delightful conversation with the Co-Founder and CEO of Fedi, Obi Nwosu.

Although this conversation was taped in December 2022 at the Africa Bitcoin Conference in Ghana, Obi’s Bitcoin origin story is timeless. During the interview, Obi shares his journey as a self-proclaimed “computer science geek” whose brilliance led him to a successful career in technology. However, it was his passion to improve the lives of others in his native country, Nigeria that led him to two successful careers in Bitcoin, first at the helm of UK Bitcoin-only exchange CoinFloor and now Fedi. Fedi is a Bitcoin technology company that enables “community-custody”, which empowers large groups or people with the ability to safely, securely, and privately custody their Bitcoin. Listen to episode to learn more about Obi, Fedi and how community custody is changing lives in the Global South.