See what sets Fedi apart


See what sets Fedi apart


See what sets Fedi apart

Offline Transactions

  • Your money is securely “stored on your phone” allowing you to perform transactions without an internet connection.

  • Make offline payments without intermediaries inside your federation

  • eCash is transferred from the sender's wallet and then settled when the person receiving it comes back online

animated qr
animated qr
animated qr


Connect with your friends and family.

  • In-chat payments from your federation without leaving the conversation

  • Encrypted chat protects your community’s messages and transactions

  • Locally hosted by the community

  • Create groups to chat with friends or coordinate activities

Personal Backup

  • Get your seed phrase in 3-clicks

  • Write the words in order

  • Get your money and data back easily, whenever you need them, all by yourself

Social Backup

Have peace of mind knowing that your community is there to support your money and data recovery.

  • Record a video and store it in a safe place or share it with a trusted friend

  • Use Fedi to securely share your video with your designated guardians anytime you need to recover your information

  • Your Federation Guardians verify your identity and provide the access back to your data and money in the community.


Access your community's favorite apps and modules without leaving the app, seamlessly consolidating your digital world in one platform.

  • Secure login via Lightning Network for ease and personal access

  • Send and receive money directly from your federation

fedi site integration
fedi site integration
fedi site integration


Connect your community to the world.

  • Send and receive money to external wallets from your federation

  • Customize your display currency

  • Add stable alternatives to your federation

  • On-chain and Lightning Network transactions


Welcome members to your community in an easy and intuitive way.

  • Invite friends and family to join with just one QR code or link

  • Simple onboarding process, no additional information required

  • Secure your money and data with the people you trust

  • Get started in just a few seconds: download, scan, add a name, and confirm