May 3, 2023

We Can Build Our Own Future. Fedi Gives Us The Tools.


Technology is supposed to make things faster, cheaper, and easier, and to break down the barriers that keep people apart. So why does it feel like the technologies we rely on most are more often fueling economic instability, isolating people, and disempowering communities?

The problem is who is in charge. 

And Fedi offers a solution. Instead of a small number of third-party gatekeepers, Fedi puts real communities in charge of their digital lives. 

It’s the way of collaboration, decentralisation, and trust. These are the same principles that have guided the Bitcoin community in building a freer, fairer, and more hopeful alternative to so many broken legacy systems. 

But until now, Bitcoin has been limited by the relatively small number of people able to use it to its fullest potential. Meanwhile millions, especially in the Global South, are held back by technical, financial, or personal obstacles from using one of the most empowering technologies ever developed.

Fedi gives these communities simple and accessible tools for overcoming those obstacles. It levels up humanity by levelling up bitcoin. 

At a technical level, Fedi introduces a new concept and category–the Federated Operating System–that’s built on top of and scales the Lightning Network, solving questions of cost, custody, and security that have occupied builders for years. 

But you won’t have to be a tech expert to use Fedi to solve real problems in your real life.

Right now, you probably use a service to make digital payments, or a cloud to access and back up data, or an encrypted chat app to communicate securely with friends, family, and coworkers.

Imagine if there was a single piece of technology that could do all of those things, but instead of being controlled by far-off third parties who act as gatekeepers to your digital life, it was controlled by the people you already know and trust. 

That’s what Fedi is building. 

That’s the power of the “federations” Fedi helps you build. It’s like your family, your village, your club, or your business collaborating to operate a digital wallet app, a cloud, and a social media platform for everyone’s benefit. And because it is federated and secure, it protects against threats from both inside and outside those communities. In short, it uses the high levels of trust you have in your real social networks to power your virtual ones. 

But both Fedi and the open-source Fedimint protocol on which it is built have even bigger ambitions than that. When the builder community starts to tap the full potential of this new set of tools, the things they make on top of and around Fedi could truly change the technological landscape.

It’s all about who’s in charge. We want to help build a future where communities hold the power, where you can collaborate with the people you trust for the betterment of each other and the whole of humanity. We can build this future. Fedi gives us the tools.