August 7, 2023

Prizes and Promise Coming Out of the AI4All Hackathon


After an exciting couple of weeks that saw the submission of 44 different projects from a total of 173 participants, the AI4All Hackathon has wrapped and the winners have been selected.

We had participants from all over the world including UAE, India, Saint Lucia, Guatemala, South Africa, USA, Germany, Nigeria, Serbia, Poland, Canada, Italy, France, Georgia, Brazil, Kenya, Argentina, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain, South Korea, UK, Colombia, Ireland, Scotland, Pakistan, Finland, and Ghana.

Respected personalities from both the Bitcoin and AI industries served as judges,and after careful consideration, they awarded a total of more than $70,000 in cash and other prizes to participants whose projects focused on one of four tracks: Agents (Machine Payments) Track, Privacy Track, Training Track, and Bitcoin Education Track.

So without further ado: The overall winner of the AI4All  hackathon is PhotoBolt.

PhotoBolt turns a product image into a poster by breaking down the work into a chain of smaller jobs, publishing them to the nostr network for Generative AI Service Providers to compete against each other in completing the jobs for satoshis.

Winner of the Agents (Machine Payments) Track is Flow.

Flow provides no-code AI workflow automations powered by the lightning network. 

Winner of the Privacy Track is Netonomy.

Netonomy is a portal to a decentralized future where people become servers and interact through open protocols.

Winner of the Training Track is Bitcoin-PAL.

Bitcoin-PAL is a bitcoin-focused AI chatbot coupled with an incentivized crowd-sourcing platform that trains and educates LLMs and users with bitcoin.

Winner of the Bitcoin Education Track is BitDevs Upgraded.

BitDevs Upgraded is a website template with a fresh new UI and AI LLM which generates summaries of meetup content to improve the experience of BitDevs attendees.

The hackathon offered a total of 17 bounties, including eight specifically focused on combining Nostr and AI.

The range of projects submitted reflected the great potential for the pairing of bitcoin and artificial intelligence to empower individuals and communities through technology. All participants’ projects can be accessed on the AI4All hackathon project page on the Bolt Fun website.

We want to thank our cosponsors Stak, Boltfun, and Replit, and other partners from both the AI and Bitcoin ecosystems: Hivemind Ventures, Spirit of Satoshi, Zebedee, Voltage, LN Capital, Prem AI, Base58, Lightspark, Alby, and Breez.

We’d also like to thank the partners who offered more than 20 workshops and conducted more than 50 one-on-one calls to support hackers in building their projects for the hackathon. The workshops are available here.

Fedi focused our contributions to the hackathon in the corner of the ecosystem we know best: finding ways to connect the power of privacy-focused micropayments on Lightning to the potential of generative AI. We left the event even stronger in our belief that the combination can be mutually reinforcing, driving access and adoption on a global scale.

Fedi is all about using freedom technologies like Bitcoin, Lightning, and Fedimint to give people in challenging environments around the globe the same social and economic tools as their best-off peers in the West. We believe AI can be another critical tool in making this happen, and the AI4All Hackathon was another great proof of concept.

It was a productive month of collaboration and creation. Well-deserved congratulations again to all the winners. And we look forward to helping keep the conversation going.