May 22, 2023

Fedi Alpha is Here


After Fedi Inc. cofounders Justin Moon and Obi Nwosu gave attendees a sneak preview at Bitcoin Miami Saturday, the company announced the global launch of the builder-centred Fedi Alpha on Monday, May 22.

Fedi Alpha is the first public release from the company and the foundation of the world’s first Federated OS, a new category of technology designed to help you take back control of your money, your data, and more, through the power of community. 

Builders will be able to test the functionality of Fedi Alpha in a publicly available Signet, and launch ready-made developer environments with a single click. 

The company will also provide tools to help enthusiasts set up and host their own federations with Fedimint—the free and open-source protocol around which Fedi Alpha is built. These will include Docker-based installs for major components, with integration to deploy single-click services released soon. In the meantime, devs will be able to join the Fedimint discord for do-it-yourself installs and collaborative “Setup Clubs” that can then be recorded and shared with others.

A Fedi-created Federation was deployed for experimentation on Signet. But early pioneers who fully understand the risks and size their transactions accordingly will be able to deploy their own Federations, too, and connect to a fully-armed-and-operational Fedi Alpha. 

Fedi Alpha itself will be available for Android and iOS, with limited elements available as a Progressive Web App (PWA) as well. The company launched a builder landing page and faucet at to help the community find these offerings and get started.

Fedi plans to host additional hackathons in the weeks and months to come to help builders unlock the potential of developing in this ecosystem.

Fedi opted for a big and ambitious Alpha release because, in the words of cofounder and CEO Obi Nwosu, “we need to hear real world feedback—both good and bad—from the enthusiast/devs community so we can improve.” 

“Anyone who can build Web 2.0 apps can learn quickly how to build modules for Fedi, and any Bitcoin enthusiast can help us pressure test Fedi Alpha,” Nwosu added. “We’ve been emphatic in our belief that the Federated OS will only succeed if the broader Bitcoin community does, and we’re releasing Fedi Alpha to lay the groundwork for the strongest possible developer base.”

Extensibility is the key to this technology’s potential, and both Fedi the company and Fedi the software are relying on the builder community to dream up and realise new WebLN enabled web apps, Fedi mods, Fedimint modules, and use cases. These will not only be profitable for builders themselves, but will help us all level up the tech, level up bitcoin, and level up humanity. 

Let’s build together.