June 8, 2023

Announcing the First Ever Pop-Up Federation in BTC Prague


Prague is leveling up. 

We are proud to announce Fedi is joining forces with the Bitcoin Prague Conference to launch the first ever Pop-Up Federation on the OS.

“We’re not just building Fedi for you, we’re building it with you. Fedi Alpha is for devs, pioneers, and enthusiasts because we need all of you to help us shape it into the world’s first federated operating system. So the Prague Pop-Up Federation is not just about showing you all the cool things Fedi can do. It’s about turning BTC Prague into a proving ground, and all of the attendees into the test pilots of Fedi Alpha.”
– Fedi Cofounder and CEO Obi Nwosu

Purpose-built for conference participants and set to run only for its duration, the Prague Pop-Up Federation will roll out new features for invitees, like the ability to broadcast messages on chat, use sats, and access Sites sessions with information about the event.

It will also mark the first full-scale test of Fedi Alpha, the builder-focused early release of the OS built on Fedimint technology. We’re pressure testing our first release at one of the biggest BTC events in the world, because we think the best way to optimise Fedi is to put the very best asset on the job, and the very best asset is the Bitcoin community. 

To participate in the great experiment, invitees will download a special limited version of Fedi Alpha. Once they join the Prague Pop-Up Federation, they’ll be able to use it to receive live updates from the conference, chat securely with other participants, send and receive sats to and from other attendees of Bitcoin Prague Conference and much more.

They’ll also get a sneak preview of what Fedi hopes to build: the world’s first truly federated operating system, that empowers communities everywhere.

“The Conference is about showcasing the future of bitcoin, freedom and self sovereignty, and we hope Fedi’s Prague Pop-Up Federation will do just that. The project is as ambitious as it is exciting and we are rooting hard for its success.”
– BTCPrague Organiser Martin Kuchar

We’re excited by the messages that have been pouring in from attendees and enthusiasts who can’t wait to have a look at Fedi Alpha and test the Prague Pop-Up Federation. Our message back to them has been simple: “This is going to be a blast. But remember, whether on signet or mainnet, this is a test, so proceed with caution. And help us spot bugs, share your thoughts, and of course, have fun!”

Let’s build together.