June 30, 2023

AI and Bitcoin Companies Join Forces for Ai4ALL Hackathon


Fedi and Stak are calling on all developers, builders, and pioneers who believe in empowering people and communities through technology: Join us and help democratise artificial intelligence with Bitcoin, Lightning, and Fedimint. 

Organised with the support of bitcoin and AI companies, the Ai4ALL Hackathon will run remotely on the BOLT.FUN and Replit platforms from July 1 - July 31, 2023.  With a series of workshops, live coding sessions, interactive tutorials and mentorships led by key players from both ecosystems, participants can compete for prizes, collaborate with peers, and level up their skills while leveling up humanity. 

Our companies are getting behind the forces of freedom by focusing the Hackathon in the corner of the ecosystem we know best: finding ways to connect the power of decentralised technologies to the potential of generative AI. We believe the combination can be mutually reinforcing, driving access and adoption on a global scale.

The foundational idea and ideal of both Fedi and Stak is to optimise freedom technologies like Bitcoin, Lightning, and Fedimint to give people and communities in the Global South the same social and economic tools as their peers in the West. We believe AI can play a critical role in making this a reality, leveling the playing field for people in some of the most challenging environments in the world.

The event is presented in collaboration with Replit, and through the sponsorship of Hivemind Ventures, Spirit of Satoshi, Zebedee and Prem. Other companies supporting the event include:  Voltage, Lightning Labs, Blockstream, Alby, Bolt.Fun, Lightspark and Base58.  

There are still a few spots left for sponsors of projects and prizes, so if you’re a believer with an idea for a Bitcoin x AI workshop or tutorial, contact us. And if you want to compete and collaborate, you can find registration information and updates on workshops and prizes at https://bolt.fun/tournaments/Ai4all/overview

Let’s build together.