January 30, 2023

A rundown of conferences we attended in Q4 2022

Leon Johnson

2022 was an amazing year for Fedi.

We want to give you an update on all of the conferences we attended and the amazing people we met from around the globe in Q4 2022.

First, we hit up Brazil for SatsConf, the first bitcoin-only conference in the country. Renata Rodrigues, our head of Marketing and Community, came along and shared her thoughts on bitcoin’s future and real-world use cases.

Next, we visited Argentina for Labitconf, where our CEO Obi Nwosu spoke about alternative custody solutions for people around the world.

To wrap up our Latin American tour, we stopped in El Salvador for Adopting Bitcoin, where bitcoin enthusiasts shared their excitement about the new opportunities that Fedi and Fedimint are bringing.

We also made a stop in Ghana for the very first Bitcoin Conference in Africa, the Africa Bitcoin Conference, where our team discussed custody and the leading role that Africa is playing in bitcoin adoption. Yes, we’ve been non-stop!

You can watch some of the participations here:

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned, soon we'll give you an insight into what we found when testing out the soon to be released Fedi app with everyday people in Guatemala.
Team Fedi